laser liposuction machines

Laser Liposuction Equipment 6 paddle

laser lipo machineLaser Liposuction Equipment  6 paddles Diode  48 Diodes in total

An effective way for weight reduction and body shaping without any pain, needles and down time

Low levels of diode laser power emitted by LumiSlim stimulate the fat cell membranes, transforming their permeability. The cells lose their spherical structure, and intracellular fat is released. Then the fatty triglycerides stream from the troubled cell membranes and within the interstitial region, in which they steadily go through the body’s usual metabolic tasks without any unsafe physical problems, used as a source of energy for the body. This action isn’t going to modify neighboring structures just like the skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. It is not simply the liquefaction of fat but instead it’s the fast breakdown of the fat cells, also called lipolysis.

4 paddles with 8 Laser Diodes plus 2 small Lymph drainage paddles.(total 34 pieces of laser)

Technical specification

Input Power : 100/240V, 50/60Hz

Max. power consumption : 200W

Fuses – 5A Ceramic timed

Classification – Electrical Class 1, Type B applied part

Max. power consumption : 200W

Wavelength : 650nm

Energy output : Mix 34 x 40mW (Total 1.36W)?Max 34x100mw (total 3400 mw)

Output Frequency : 1Hz~100Hz

Cooling requirements – Air cooled

Laser Liposuction Machines

Non invasive laser liposuction has brought the industry of cosmetic surgery by surprise. This method provides painless fat loss and body sculpting. A number of the most substantial benefits are it demonstrates quick noticeable rewards, along with the undeniable fact that non invasive laser liposuction is absolutely risk-free, without any sort of soreness, absolutely no needles without the need of any recuperation time!

When the laser paddles are placed onto the skin, the cold red laser beams permeate the skin powerful enough to get at the layers of body fat. When the laser light reaches the fat cells, an immediate series of characteristics happens. First of all, the skin's pores grow around the cells making them expel. The water, Glycerol as well as essential fatty acids shift to the interstitial location below the fatty covering within the skin. After that even more water, fatty acids and Glycerol flood away. The actual adipocyte cells therefore are diminished in proportion. Almost all these effects will not influence on the neighboring structures which usually includes the skin, arteries as well as nerves.

The lymphatic system subsequently gets rid of the fat remains throughout the venous system, where by they can be highly processed in the very same method as fatty foods that are eaten. Candi Laser Liposuction machines make use of professional machines that are created to medical grade specifications. This is a very high money-making leader that is going to help your company. Discover the main reason why most buyers are opting for Candi Laser Liposuction machines instead of insanely priced products .

Become a a member of this unique recession-proof solution and notice income explode! Your significant benefits are really going to have your customers rapidly coming back for even more. Non invasive laser liposuction is absolutely the most secure, safe alternative to brutal surgical liposuction. Candi Laser Liposuction delivers top rated quality goods along with a rapid return on your investment.
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