laser liposuction machines

Laser Liposuction Machine For Home Use

laser lipo machine for home useThere are actually 6 paddles, 4 big paddles as well as 2 smaller paddles
4 diode lasers in each bigger paddle
1 diode laser in each smaller paddle
Therefore you will find 16+2=18 diode lasers in total.
40 mw/ diode laser. 18*43=774mw

This particular Laser Liposuction Machine provides Low levels of laser power produced by cold laser to stimulate the fat cell membranes, altering their permeability. The cells lose their rounded form and intracellular fat is discharged. Then the fatty triglycerides flow out the disrupted cell, membranes and into the interstitial area, in which they slowly pass through the body¡¯s normal metabolic functions, without any dangerous physical consequences to be used as an power source for the body. This procedure does not change, nearby structures such as skin, blood vessels and peripheral nerves. It is not simply the liquefaction of fat but rather it is the prompt breakdown of the fat cells, also known as lipolysis.

Technical Specification
Laser type: Diode
energy output: 6*120mw(total 0.72W)
Voltage: 110v/220v 50/60hz
Output frequency: 1hz-1000hz
Max power: 32W
Cooling: Air cooled

Laser Liposuction Machines

Non invasive laser liposuction has brought the business world of cosmetic surgery by surprise. This technique generates pain-free fat loss and body sculpting. A number of the most considerable advantages are it shows quick obvious gains, along with the undeniable fact that non invasive laser liposuction is completely risk-free, without any soreness, absolutely no needles with out any recovery time!

When the laser paddles are positioned onto the skin, the cold red laser beams penetrate the skin powerful enough to get at the layers of fat. When the laser light hits the fat cells, an immediate series of characteristics occurs. First of all, the skin's pores develop about the cells making them discharge. The water, Glycerol as well as essential fatty acids shift to the interstitial region below the fatty layer within the skin. Then even more water, fatty acids and Glycerol pour out. The specific adipocyte cells therefore are decreased in proportion. Just about all these effects will not effect on the adjoining structures which usually incorporates the skin, arteries and nerves.

The lymphatic system then gets clear of the fat build up throughout the venous system, where by they're highly refined in the identical method as fatty foods that are ingested. Candi Laser Liposuction products work with expert machines which are created to medical grade standards. It is actually a very high rewarding giant which will help your business. Discover the main reason why most people are opting for Candi Laser Liposuction machines instead of insanely valued equipment .

Become a part of this unique recession proof solution and see earnings escalate! Your significant gains are likely to get your customers quickly returning for even more. Non invasive laser liposuction is undoubtedly the most comfortable, harmless remedy to intense surgical liposuction. Candi Laser Liposuction provides top superior products and solutions with a fast return on your investment.
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